Panthers 2, Maple Leafs 0.

I always get this sick feeling in my stomach whenever we play a team that might actually have the slightest chance at maybe being halfway decent. I have no idea why. Well okay, I do have an idea why, I just don’t want to talk about that right now. Instead, I’ll just resign myself to the fact that that’s the reason we did absolutely nothing productive last night. I mean, yes, we got 39 shots on net. But we got nothin’. Not even a penalty shot that could be reversed and made into an opposing team goal. Instead, we’ve won an impressive 1 game on this road trip we’re on, and come home more battered and bruised than when we left. Sound like the story of our lives as Leafs fans yet? I thought so.

Last time

Compare last night’s game with 2 and a half weeks ago, when we actually won by a slim margin. Huge difference in performance and outcome. I mean, it was a win, and it was barely so, but I was expecting it to be another round of oh my god do we ever suck. Instead, we were treated to a surprising dose of oh my god we might only be craptastic. Nope, we definitely suck. Thanks for reminding me. Now, back to waiting for a team we can beat consistently.

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