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See? You *don’t* need an education to be a lawyer.

You just need to be ultra intimidating and have absolutely no regard whatsoever for common sense. Or an appetite for scaring the living shit out of a couple highschool kids, whichever. A Pennsylvania DA decided it’d be fun to exercise the second option after getting a hold of a picture of two girls, 13 at the time of the picture having been taken (now 15), showing them from the waste up and wearing bras. That DA is now being sued for having violated the kids’ first and fourth amendment rights on the grounds that he pretty much told them, and everyone else who had a copy of that picture (apparently the total was like 17 or 18) their choices were either to attend a 10-hour class on pornography, or get slapped with a sex abuse charge. For acting like a couple idiots with their cell phones at a slumber party. Now, I didn’t finish my law course up here, and it was on Canadian law to boot, but… um, just on a periferal glance at the article, lawyer dood’s got absolutely no leg to stand on whatsoever. I lay odds the suit either settles or ends up not going mister legal man’s way. Either way, I’d really hate to be him right now.

ETA: Someone else weighs in on the case. Nice to know not everyone disagrees with me.


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