Because I threatened to do so.

Rodney Atkins – These Are My People (please download and save before playing) – Pretty freakin’ close to my theme song. Or at least, my family’s theme song. Murlynns_view and I both moved out of rednecksville (read: Pembroke) and live here. And really, that’s almost exactly how we work; the week’s just non-stop go ’til you drop, and the weekend’s when we do most/all of our having fun, not necessarily involving alcohol though it *has* happened a time or few. Then we get up on Monday, shake our heads clear, and do the whole damn thing all over again. Some call us mad for it. I say… yeah, so?
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One response to “Because I threatened to do so.

  1. samari76 says:

    Hehehehehe! sounds like my life. I’ll check this out later.

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