Because without those days, there wouldn’t be songs like this.

Perfect Stranger – Fire When Ready (please download and save before playing)–I can safely say this song was actually prompted not by my work week so far, but by someone who will not be directly mentioned on here ’til she decides she’s okay with it. Actually, I had this song kicking around here for ages, but it seems way too fitting for the way she’s pretty much been getting the shitty end of the stick lately. So it got posted. Yay me. I actually love this song… one of the few songs by this group that actually shares my opinion on how people should deal with crap jobs. Oh, if only it was an ideal world where doing that actually accomplished something. But, hey, it’s a damn good venting song, if nothing else. 😉 And some days, that’s pretty much all that matters. So… vent away, folks. And while you do that, I’ll get ready for work. Yay leaving in an hour to get there for 11.

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