One more weekly MP3

Faith Hill – Sunshine and Summertime (please download and save before playing)–What can I say? It’s my family’s theme song, almost. Right down to the showing what they got if a few of them get drunk enough. At which point, I become very thankful I can’t see. Anyone who’s followed my blog for, well, at least the summer knows we like a semi-decent occasion to throw a party, or at least a bbq. Hell, we’ve done it just because we could, so I guess that counts as a decent occasion. And, to no one’s surprise, we tend to get just a little tiny bit… redneck when we party. Hey, we live in what used to be a hicktown–cut us some slack, will ya? Besides, everyone knows rednecks throw the best parties. Jeff Foxworthy says so! 😀
I think… this’ll be the last attempt at making this a regular, weekly occurance, as I’m rediscovering my inability to keep a schedule. So instead, it shall become the occasional MP3 from now on. Or something. Or I’ll just forget I sometimes do this. Whichever works.

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