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Bare Naked Ladies – Maybe Katie (please download and save before playing)–well, I can’t see the concert mentioned in my last entry, but I do have a concert story of my own to share regardless to that. I saw BNL in… oh, hell, like… maybe 2004 when they were playing in Ottawa. For the record, they throw an awesome concert. But, anyway, digressing already. It was completely by accident… well, not entirely by accident… I’d gotten the tickets for free from the local TV station, and had all of maybe a week or 2 to find someone to go with. I had 2 tickets and I’d be damned if I was gonna let one just sit there, y’know. So, I ended up going with my brother… and, I dare say, it was probably the most actual fun the two of us ever had that didn’t involve one of us deciding to punch the other out. Mind, he was a lot less irritating then–or maybe I was just home a lot less so didn’t notice it as much. Anyway, after one of their funky little intro scenes that, to this day, I swear still tries to mock our beloved (*cough, cough*) millitary, this was *the* first song they played at that concert. And before the song even started, the crowd was ear-splittingly loud. It was awesome. Anyway, within a week of having gone to that concert, they started selling copies of said concert either in MP3 format, or on CD, along with a load of others. Also, oddly enough, this is the kind of song you just absolutely have got to play roof-raisingly loud. I think it’s to do with the heavy guitar in it, but don’t quote me on that one.

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