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I’ve been meaning to start doing this a while back, but like most things that require effort, I’ve been too lazy. I’ll try and make this a semi-regular thing… meaning weekly at most, and whenever I remember at least. I’ll try to explain why it is I keep this song around/listen to it frequently, though it may be as simple as I like it. This week’s song: Michelle Wright – I Will Be There (please download and save before playing). Why this song? Well, primarily, because it reminds me a lot of a close friend of mine who, to put it rather nicely, was going through hell for about a year. To prevent her own embarrassment, I won’t enter into specifics, but suffice it to say there were a few nights, and this she’s admited to me, where my staying up and talking to her was pretty much the only thing keeping her from losing it. That girl can match wits with the best of ’em, and to have a conversation with her you’d never know she’d been through hell and back unless you were watching her go through it. She’d probably drink you under the table, too, but that’s a whole other issue not related to the fact she’s gone through hell; she can just put ’em back. And there’s your insite into my psyche.

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  1. well, we know that wasn’t meant for me, as I don’t drink, unless you count copius amounts of cafeen. And, mention me if you want, I don’t care, I think it’s sweet of you.
    did I just say that? oh shit. lol.
    Short one, whose now blushing like a freak and is really glad you’re six hours away.

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