Catchy tune, or country trainwreck?

I’m heavy into music. Insanely so. I’ve been told I have more music than most record stores–a fact I’m surprisingly proud of, considering. But even still, I can’t wrap my head around this song. Some people find it irresistably catchy. Others find running as far away from it as humanly possibly equally irresistable. I… well… I just don’t know. It’s decent, for a drinking song. But for an actual thinggy to listen to? It kind of falls on its face. But that’s just me. Your milage may vary. Have a listen, then if you’re so inclined, comment below. Readers of the RSS or email variety will probably need to click on over to the site to have a listen. That’s okay–you can comment over there too. For everyone else, I’m sorry.

PS: If anyone has Toby Keith’s ear, can you please tell him he’s done much, much better? Just tossing that out there.

[audio:10 Red Solo Cup.mp3]

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