Well, that rocked.

If anyone recommends that you take in a Roadhammers concert, do not ask, just go. They throw an awesome show. A few of the opening acts kinda stunk up the scene–one group killed almost every song they sang, and the other only managed to brutally torture about half of them, and the beer sucked–it was a choice between crap (Coors Light) and sludge (Molson Canadian), but aside from that, it was all a good time. My ears are still recovering. Yeah, I don’t blame people for not liking/listening to country music. I’ll listen to almost anything, that included, but even for someone who doesn’t like that type of music it’s a good show. My brother, a fair few of his friends, my cousin, and my aunt are not into that particular music selection and they all had a decent time. At least, that’s how it appeared anyway. Although I dunno if my brother was enjoying the concert or the fact he had a lap warmer, but hey, he was enjoying something. And for once, I didn’t feel like clubbing him one with the nearest heavy object. That’s gotta be some kind of a record. So, uh, yeah. Fun was to be had. Tomorrow is apparently the day of the bands I either haven’t heard of or don’t like, so the chances of me going down tomorrow are slim. Especially if I end up deciding sleep is overrated… but, eh. And speaking of overrated, I still got crap to do. Dammit to hell.

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