Sugarland: A reason to reconsider country.

I grew up on country. That’s kind of no secret–my parents, several aunts and uncles, a few friends were all into the stuff. I’ve expanded my musical tastes beyond it, but I’ve always had a place for country music. If I hadn’t, though, I think hearing this group might make me rethink the idea. They don’t do a lot of the typical “he cheated on me/left me/hurt me/whatever” type music the older country’s known for. Most of their stuff could fall into categories of either party music, or easy listening. Of course, if you’re more used to the head banging metal type stuff this probably won’t do a hell of a lot to change your mind, but give it a listen anyway–what the hell else are you gonna do on a Tuesday morning? Here’s a sampling of their music, in Youtube format, for your consumption pleasure. You may not like it. I do, so have this. Readers of the RSS or LJ variety may need to click over to the actual site to see the video. Sorry–blame the technology.

Sugarland – “Come On, Get Higher”

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