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Shout sister video. Or, guidedogs: not just for guiding anymore.

When I posted about the choir performance on Friday–you know, the one May was all over for about a week before, and will be for about a month after, I eluded to Noah having up and claimed a starring role. For those who don’t know, Noah would be May’s guidedog. Being the guidedog, he pretty much goes everywhere she goes–including, apparently, up on stage with her. So when they were getting ready to do their final song of the night, May gets an idea in her head. And that idea proves to be the concert’s absolute wickedest of awesome.

I posted an audio recording yesterday–again, sorry for the less than perfect quality–of one of their better songs. This, surprise puppy appearance notwithstanding, was perhaps their best. But it’s useless without the video–since about halfway through, the audience decides to help them out–again, May’s fault. And really. This? Best. Guidedog. Video. Ever. I might be somewhat biased. So you decide. And once again, if you happen to be in the Ottawa area, these guys really need a look. For serious.

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