Random thoughts I didn’t put on Twitter.

I always said I have my Twitter profile for things that wouldn’t make sense to blog about–those little thirty-second snipets of random that seem to come out of nowhere and you’ve forgotten before your blogging platform of choice is up and ready to accept them. You know the ones. Random observations you’ve made, short little comments on events, things it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to go into any amount of detail and would therefore sort of waste a blog post for what you could probably do in less than 140 characters elsewhere. Like, say, Twitter. Problem is, at least today, I’ve been having random thoughts that, if posted on Twitter when I’ve finally had a chance to actually glance in its general direction, would probably make very little sense with the exception of to perhaps a small handful of people. So, in substitution, here are thoughts that didn’t make it into my Twitter stream today, in no particular order, but in list format. Because lists are cool.

  • OC Transpo’s losing money. Again. Wasn’t that 2-month strike and its eventual resolution supposed to prevent that?
  • Reasons not to call 911: your sister won’t share the computer with you. Don’t laugh; it happened.
  • Related: Calling 911 to request a taxi? Really? Is that even legal?
  • Hey look. Two years later and Ottawa still hasn’t sorted out its transit-related contractual problems. I love my city. Really.
  • The one time I’m not home to pick up a ticket, and an Ottawa area resident picks up a Lotto Max Jackpot. I tell ya, it’s fixed.
  • This is August 25th. The NHL preseason starts September 21st. There are too many days in between. Just sayin’.
  • Who wants vodka? Who can aford it? Cool. Bring me some.
  1. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear something about OC Transpo that makes me shake my head with despair and disbelief

    1. If I had a dollar for every time OC Transpo makes the headlines for not very good reasons lately, I could aford to not take OC Transpo when I move back to Ottawa. Not that I wouldn’t still mock them, but y’know.

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