Once again. Twitter, please don’t sell out!

For not the first time, that website which I use for random passing thoughts that don’t warrant their own blog posts is being talked up as a potential purchase by Google. Or this time, also by Facebook. For a very impressive $10000000000. They talked about selling out to Google in early to mid 2009, after rejecting a previous offer from Facebook to buy them out–that prompted this entry.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my google, and I’m just now starting to love my twitter. But I don’t think I could get to love the idea of twitter.google.com or something. I’m all about supporting the newcomer to the field. You turned down being bought out by facebook, and I cheered (even though I didn’t post about it here). I can only hope the talks you’re entertaining now are solely to form some sort of partnership… google does not need any more services under its umbrella. I’m halfway inclined to think they’ve already spread themselves a little bit too thin in some areas.

Once again, Twitter, for the love of cheese don’t sell out. At least not to Google–or, for cryin’ out loud, Facebook. I like you just the way you are. Plus, Google’s still already everywhere else. Keep it outa my timeline.

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