I am renaming August to the month of Broken.

The month is just over half over, and already things have gone and decided breaking is the thing to do. It started last week, with the near breaking of my plans to return home this past weekend–plans that were changed for other reasons, which will be elabourated on once the appropriate people have been properly hunted, nailed to the nearest wall, and my time and effort in aranging things is appropriately compensated–in blood, if necessary.

Then, earlier this week, the old blogging stomping grounds of LiveJournal, where I still occasionally show up mostly because I’ve yet to convert all the cool people away from it to much more fun things, decided it would be fun to break my LJ RSS hack. More specificly, one of their upgrades apparently broke their own authentication mechanism. That only ended up being fixed an hour ago–and not, laughably enough, before several people who were experiencing similar problems re: their RSS feeds had decided to bring it up quite blatantly in the dev community–I should really consider watching that community, now that I think about it.

Last night capped off the reason for renaming the month of August to the month of Broken. We needed to get laundry done. As in, like, ASAFP. Which turned out to be at just about midnight last night–hey, we never claimed to keep a normal schedule. That was around the exact same time we figured out that hey, this building’s supposed to have two working washers and two working dryers. This building has one of each. And the broken ones are broken in such a way that by the time we figure out they’re broken, we’ve wasted a dollar in each. Those are, to my knowledge anyway, still broken–we’re presently air-drying the affected articles of clothing. Sadly, my name isn’t on the lease here so I don’t get to personally scream in some poor maintenance bastard’s ear about it, but Jess will undoubtedly take amazing amounts of pleasure in doing exactly that just as soon as she can find 30 seconds to breathe.

Well into the third week of August, and we’ve already had plenty of things go breaky smash on a technical and non-technical front–an average of one per week at this rate. I’m officially renaming the month of August to the month of Broken. Now, to go whip something real quick up to make it official on this here website.

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4 responses to “I am renaming August to the month of Broken.”

  1. I’ve always been careful about complaining in this type of fashion. Just asking for other things to break now LOL.

  2. i used to dread going down to the laundry room within my apartment to do laundry. 9 time outta 10 there was one broken and it always seemed to be in use. is it a lot to ask for a working washer and dryer in a building that you’re renting!!? apparently….

    good luck!

    • You’d think it wouldn’t be too much to ask, you’re right. Then again, we wouldn’t want to make too much sense now. Fortunately–or not, depending on who you ask–I don’t actually live here; hence my name not being on the lease. But yeah, stuff tends to go and break itself more often in a rental for some reason or another. I’d blame Murphy, but he’d probably give some serious thought to slapping me squarely in the face.

      PS: Welcome to the blog. Hopefully you’ll be sticking around a while–we have RSS feeds, and posts by email!

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