If rules are made to be broken, then plans are made to be changed.

I was originally planning to leave Rochester a little over 2 weeks ago due to potential school things. Those potential school things ended up falling through, so I got to stay for the rest of the month. I was due to leave this past saturday, on account of I have a potential job prospect–albeit not one I’m overly enthused about, but a job (more on that in another entry). For reasons of convenience–mostly that of the folks who will be my ride from the bus station, that date’s been pushed back. So now, in order to take a stab at securing myself something resembling gainful employment, I officially pack up and depart for the other side of the great divide tonight, for a tomorrow noonish arival. Which, I won’t deny, doesn’t hurt my feelings in the slightest–it’s potentially a win for me, and later Jess, either way this thing goes.

Going back means I can start the ball rolling and get me employment, which escentially makes me more able to aford to come down here more often and later bring her up to Canada on a more permanent basis. If it ends up falling through the cracks, I won’t end up with the employment, but I’ll have more free time–if not necessarily the money–to spend with, or at the very least keeping in close contact with, the fiance. Which is beneficial for several dozen other reasons. From where I sit, I can’t really go wrong.

If rules are made to be broken, then plans are made to be changed. And these ones have been changing since I left Pembroke in July. And you’ll probably never hear me complain.

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