The job market’s broken. I actually found one.

Well, okay, so it was just one that I could actually apply to and not have me be severely underqualified, but still. This marks the first job application I actually submitted since–now, let me think–March of this year. Yep, in Ottawa, of all places, the market for people with my admittedly somewhat specialised skillset was actually dead for about 3 months. Technically, it’s still dead–the job’s a sales by phone gig at Home Depot, but still. It was more than I was staring at a week ago.

Now, I’ll be very surprised indeed if it actually results in employment prospects. If it does, Jessica will have officially become my good luck charm–the last potential interview I landed, I was hanging out at her place. If I land an interview here, she’ll be up here when I find out. But, more importantly, it will be the first actual interview I’ve had since late 2009. If we are, indeed, heading for that potential labour shortage that’s been talked about before, this could be an amazingly good sign. Or maybe I’m just hoping like hell I can get off ODSP soonishly before it makes me go broke. either’s not entirely invalid and both would be good for me. Either way, this is a start. I’ll take it.

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