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Latest knock against my employment attempt: must have prior $company experience.

So. I mentioned before I very rarely lately find jobs worthy enough to apply for. And even more rarely do I find jobs that don’t throw a bilingualism requirement into the mix. Which means if I’m lucky, I fill out maybe two applications a month–hello, Ottawa’s much too overused bilingualism rules. How’s it going? I was working at one such application this morning, when I ran into a whole new reason to curse the existence of a potential employer. Upon clicking submit, I get a very polite message informing me that prior experience with that company is required. Say, um, what?

For the record, and the curious, the guilty party this time is Primus Canada. Their job description, what you might be able to call a job description, goes into great detail about exactly what the company expects to get out of a potential employee. Qualifications I easily meet. But, there’s nothing on their site stating that position–or any other, for that matter–requires prior experience with that company or group of companies. You don’t find that out until you hit the submit button on their application. And then you get the afore mentioned very politely worded dialogue box.

A gentle note to Primus. I have what you’re looking for. I worked for a company who could probably knock you around if the two of you competed in the industry. I know a thing or three about unbreaking internet connections the average user screws up beyond all recognition. And I also know a thing or three about things a company like yours doesn’t ordinarily support–including half your own hardware. You want me. So let me apply, dammit.

Also: those questions re: have you ever worked/interviewed with us before? Yeah, even from a company with apparently looser hiring standards they suck. Reconsider. Thank you.


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