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And just like that, I’m marketable again, apparently.

So, I may or may not have mentioned about an interview I was scheduled to have with Online Support yesterday. It was only supposed to be an interview. By noon yesterday, though, it had become an interview here with OLS, and a potential interview in Ottawa with Davis and Henderson. And by 4:00 yesterday afternoon, shocking the everloving hell out of me, it had morphed again–into a tentative job offer from OLS, and a potential interview with Davis and Henderson. Keep in mind until recently, it had been very nearly a year since a potential employer had even returned a phone call, much less had me in for an interview. And now I’ve got two possibles on their way into my hands. I’d call that a marked improvement. I should know at some point in the near future whether or not I’ll be actually working for either of these companies–OLS is waiting for a few minor logistical things to be sorted out, as is the other company. But, even if it is what I’d call a less than ideal environment, it’s still a tentative job offer. Now let’s see what happens.

PS: Hey, Rogers? You’ve still got my resume on file. I’m still employable, albeit not for much longer in all likelyhood. Call me.

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