Apparently I’m going back to Pembroke.

It was pretty much decided tnat murlynns_view and her husband would be heading back up for the weekend while we were on our way back last week. I wasn’t sure if I’d be going, and then yesterday’s talk of me possibly covering someone off for tomorrow pretty well cieled that deal. Until today, that is. Apparently, while the manager and our L2 guy are perfectly fine with it, the folks who run the call center operations side of things escentially said when hell freezes. So I have a free weekend again. Which means I leave for Pembroke tonight. ‘Cuz really, the May 24 weekend just shouldn’t be spent all by yourself. Well, unless you’re me and prefer it some days, but oh well. So I go home, grab a suitcase, throw a few things into it, kill IM so I can get on at the parental units’ location, and get the hell outa here. All told it should be a grand total of maybe a 2 hour trip. And that’s if trafic wants to play hell. Ah well, maybe I’ll spend next weekend sleeping. Or maybe I’ll actually call someone. Naw…

Edit: Apparently no I’m not. Dear call center operations. Die in a fucking fire.

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