Better than a kick in the head…

… It’s a possible timeline. IE: the guy I gotta talk to about a job is thinking he’ll hopefully be able to call me back next week and schedule me in for an interview. So, it’s not a definite yes yet, but he’s still not told me to go right to hell. And so far, that’s the most response I’ve gotten out of any job application I’ve tossed out there. That part should probably frustrate me to no end, but… oddly enough, it doesn’t. Or maybe it’s just because I haven’t thought about it much. Either way, it works for me. Hopefully, there is an interview. And, hopefully, a job to follow.
Sorry Edmonton, you might have lost me. Not that I can afford the relocation fees anyway. Coolness does not a plane ticket make.


4 responses to “Better than a kick in the head…”

  1. Maybe, but a one way ticket to Edmonton isn’t actually /that/ expensive. And the coolness would definately help with the relocation fees on this end of the country. Just think about it is all I’m saying…

  2. As much as I wouldn’t mind the idea of moving to Edmonton, I’d have to practically be guaranteed a job before I thought about it. One way tickets are full of awesomeness, until they tell me I’m not qualified. Besides, I still can’t afford it… or I’d at least call it a vacation. 🙂

  3. Best of luck getting the interview! I know how damn hard it is… been flooding the market for weeks. Finally got one scheduled for Monday.

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