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Last month was by no means a busy posting month on account of I was way, way, way too busy ducking several dozen different variety of curve ball. Still, I posted quite a bit, and yall found other stuff to read when I wasn’t. Here’s what you found interesting in January, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • Canada Post has recently picked up this nasty habbit of being horribly broken in the accessibility department. It got pointed out to them, twice. They’re still inaccessible–and now, trying for incompitent. Another round may be in our future.
  • Canada’s telecommunications regulator, the CRTC, very nearly broke the internet. They were called out by several thousand in various ways, shapes and forms. I was one of them. I still have yet to deconstruct what happened after the backlash–look for that sometime next week.
  • I don’t subscribe to a lot of the idea behind Valentines day, usually, But even I wouldn’t push to make it illegal. They did in Iran. It’s number 4 on the list for January, but it’ll probably be higher in February. You can always count on a third-world whackjob to generate traffick.
  • My former ISP, TekSavvy, has been on a fast track down hill in recent months. Screwing up activations, delivering misleading information, advertising staffers with more influence than they actually have–they’ve done it all. Including putting customers over a barel in emergency situations–and not much caring that they’ve just put customers over a barel in an emergency situation.
  • Ottawa’s had a 211 call and complain line for like ever. And if there’s even the slightest problem warranting a gentle tap on the shoulder, the locals get all uppity and start bitching at that number. OC Transpo running 5 minutes late? Call and bitch at 211. Don’t like your new higher property taxes (I’ll rant about *that* later.)? Call and bitch at 211. And now, the Pembroke/Refrew area has its very own. Lovely. Give people with no problem bitching a call and bitch number, they’ll call and bitch. A lot. About everything. Good going, Renfrew County.<

Not bad for a niggling little blog who maybe gets 20 readers a day at its very consistent best. February will probably be just as interesting–and I haven’t even been through all my mockery yet. Watch this space–um, next week or so.

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