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So. Here it is the last week of February, when folks have up and given me a metric ton of things to sort through for this month’s popular posts, and I’m just now knitting together the same damn thing for January. I blame a move, a possible change in schooling, and general life is happening type goodness. Also known as actual, honest to goodness, justifiable excuses for procrastination. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll. Still, while life’s been happening, there’s been content. And somebody somewhere’s found some of that content interesting–to the tune of 1100 of you wasting about a minute and 25 seconds you’ll never get back. I’m incredibly sorry. Here, finally, is what caught your eye in January, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • Conspiracy theories interest me. Insofar as they give me a whole whack of things to be moderately amused at. From the 80 million of them surrounding 9/11, justification of which I still haven’t seen hide nor hair of (I’m looking at you, Faux Capitalist), to the run of the mill “it’s all a gigantic New World Order scam” paranoia that comes with just about any policy from just about any corner of just about any establishment that rubs your local nutcase even slightly the wrong way. Contemplate gun control? “New World Order!” Raise taxes? “New world order!” *Lower* taxes? “New world order!” Float a trial baloon that has a snowball’s chance in hell of being anything more than just a trial baloon? ” New world order!” Admittedly that last one kind of pins everyone and their dog with the NWO tag, but hey–it takes all kinds. Even nutbars with absolutely no firm grounding in reality. That’s one of the reasons I started this thing–and hell, it finally paid off.
  • Two years on, and people are still finding the letter I wrote to Wind Mobile with regards their fair usage policy that isn’t exactly fair. And some of what leads folks to that particular post leads me to start to wondering if maybe it’s gotten just a little bit more ridiculous. If this is what they’re calling competition these days, I’ll stick with Telus, thanks much.
  • The job market must be some kind of swamped. In the late summer of 2012, I fired off an application to TD Bank–hey, it’s not the most glorious thing to do, but it’d of paid the bills. I then gave it a few weeks and promptly forgot about it. In January 2013, I was reminded. Thanks for the follow-up, guys. But I kind of figured it was a no when, you know, I didn’t get a follow-up. Still, I guess it’s the thought that counts. But hey waitasec–I’m not sure I like that thought, either.
  • Bell Canada doesn’t very much like this whole standards thing. Actually, I believe once or twice I’ve called them the Microsoft of the ISP universe–if there’s a standard out there, Bell waves at it as it flies right past in the opposite direction. So I was both not very surprised and quite very annoyed when, yet again, Bell decided to blow by a standard–this one, in basic networking. And apparently they’re up to some wicked nifty little tricks with their older and, arguably, weaker modems on top of that. Just skim through the comments–what few there are. It’s fun.
  • for those of you what just joined the party, I can’t see my own hand in front of my face. I also, from time to time, can’t get from here to there without paying someone what drives me. Taxis, usually. And more often than not, I’m having to provide them with a less than free–for me, anyway–education on exactly what not to do if you’re a taxi driver and I’m a blind guy. It resulted in this handy dandy reference guide. I have absolutely no idea whatsoever if any of the folks what read this thing ended up being one of the ones what take my money to get me places, but damn if I didn’t notice some differences after I posted the thing. Kind of refreshing, if we’re being honest over here. Found a couple more things to add to the guide, but hey. I like me some work in progress every once in a while. Especially if it clues someone.

And that’s how January happened, roughly estimated and minus a small implosion or six. There’s move and administrative related things to hit the site, just as soon as I’m positive the smoke from the fallout’s relatively behind us. And I’m sure it’ll make a list somewhere or other. But as for right now, I think I need to go find my brain. Rereading that Bell entry I think just voided its warranty.

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