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So a half a forever ago, I made some vague thing about I’d remember to do these more often. Oh yeah, and also that I’d actually write more in this thing in general. Then I promptly flopped on both. But, better late than never, and all that crap. So, a little over an hour before the stuff for June becomes a thing, here’s what you folks found interesting for the month of May, courtesy Google Analytics, as always. I really need to do more of this writing thing.

  • The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) enjoys sticking it to the folks who can’t do much to get themselves off it. In April, I noted the program was killing the startup benefit. And in May, it was the most read post on the site. Not bad for nearly 7 and a half years’ work.
  • Somewhere, probably in Toronto, there’s a fool in an IT office doubled over laughing. In late 2012, Bell canada made some changes to the modem they’re calling “connection hub”. Those changes proceeded to break basic networking standards, and my brain right along with them. Apparently, they broke a few other people’s brains given the trafick to that page. I’m sorry.
  • More on an ODSP front, because clearly it’s still a thing. Back in February of this year, I learned the hard way that ODSP had started up with their cutting costs. They used to pay for your transportation from medical appointments (IE: you’ve been in the hospital overnight and they’re discharging you at 5:30 in the damn morning). They don’t now. Budgetting miracles? Sure, why not?
  • I wrote a two-part series of posts on my rental experiences with Paramount Properties after I moved out of there at the end of January. The short version is they’re crooked as hell and make no bones about showing it–even if they don’t actually admit it. Part two of that series is over here, and was the fourth most popular read in May. I’m still waiting for the lawsuit.
  • And to close things out, we go back to 2010 for a very fine explanation as to why it is exactly I don’t make plans. It takes the form of a month or so spent in Rochester, in which I attempt to schedule it around things that may, then may not, then may again end up happening on this side of the border. I think I may or may not have had a shot of vodka that night.

And that’s May, in a nutshell. I’ll have June’s posted, uh, hopefully before the end of July. And maybe something a tad more original–but let’s not push things. Clearly, this remembering to do this business with any degree of regularity’s hard freaking work. But I’m two for two this week! bows

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