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And now, after much forgetting to do this and much more procrastinating, it’s roughly time for one of these again. Just in time for me to start compiling the exact same list for the month of May. You’d think I’d have this down by now. Well, maybe those of you who just started reading this thing would–everyone else knows better. But that would just be no fun. Besides, this month’s will make up for it when it gets there.

April was fairly busy, with a healthy helping of mockery and an even larger helping of finishing up with the getting my life back in order. But it was the posts from earlier this year that seem to have caught people’s interest. In April, 1418 of you dropped by the site, wasting an average of a minute and a half in the process. I’m sorry. Here’s what caught your eye, as always brought to you courtesy Google Analytics.

  • If I’d known when I wrote in January about my fun with conspiracies it’d still be catching attention 3 months later, I’d have probably done a whole lot more pushing of that post. Because apparently, the Canadian take on a good New World Order conspiracy is a thing. It was the most visited page on the site in April.
  • I’m no fan of ODSP in recent months. Well, if we’re being honest I haven’t been a fan of theirs since 2010, but who’s counting? In February, I discovered the Ontario government’s initial efforts at cost cutting. I wrote about it when I was done dealing with it, figuring that’d be just about it for at least the first few months–especially given the self same government was kind of on pins and needles since Dalton Mcguinty ran off and hid. Yeah, about that.
  • I’m a wee bit of a geek. Okay, so that may be a slight understatement. I tend to like to do fun things with modems and routers and networks and generally not recommended internet things. I like it when an ISP lets me get away with it. Or, if nothing else, when that same ISP doesn’t decide to build road blocks into their hardware to prevent me from getting away with it. So when I found out the ISP I was with near the end of 2012 was doing exactly everything I don’t like my ISP to do, I wasn’t impressed. Naturally I tried to work around it. Naturally, given the ISP in question is Bell Canada, I only came away with a headache. But it apparently proved vaguely useful for a few people, as indicated by the fact the entry still makes the list. Now if someone would just drop by that post with a workaround, that would be amazing.
  • Back on the thread of ODSP things, because apparently people find it useful, I mentioned the government was kind of on a bit of pins and needles. Being a minority government, they needed the support of at least one other party in order to pass their budget for this year, otherwise we’d have been heading for a spring election. That was going to mean compromises that, well, may have ended up hurting more than they help in the long run. Because it’s happened to folks on ODSP before, I wrote an open letter to the province’s finance minister, asking him not to screw it over. I’m still waiting to see if it has any halfway decent result, but first looks aren’t doing so hot. Still, it could be worse, right? Yeah, don’t answer that.
  • Microsoft announced at the beginning of this year it would be making Windows Live things die a death of some sort. And then they only half killed it, leaving some of you to wonder what the hell gives. If you, uh, don’t use Microsoft’s official client for that messaging service, you can still use it. At least until some date to be determined later. If you don’t use a non-Microsoft client, though? Hopefully you’re a fan of Skype.

And that’s the kind of April it’s been, now that May’s nearly wrapped up. Enjoy what’s left of it. And remember to have a couple shots for me–it’s apparently ill advised for me to drink and blog. Not that I won’t try it at least twice.

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