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So. You’re a me, and you’ve got things to blog. Do you: line everything up in a row and have at them, pile a couple dozen more things onto the list then sort of pluck away at 3, or say screw the whole damn thing and let the posts write themselves? If you guessed C, you spent way too much time in my head. And as you may or may not have noticed, the posts weren’t feeling overly cooperative. But, just because I’ve been slacking doesn’t mean you have. So, nearly a month after I should be, and nearly in time for this month’s edition, the most popular posts of March according to your readership. A few of these are repeats from previous lists. Which… is good. I guess. Means my writing doesn’t suck that hard. either that or you’re incredibly, incredibly bored–but I’ll just hold on to that first one, thanks. Alright, since I fail at distraction, the most popular posts of March, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • Yesterday I expressed a little concern with regards Ontario’s government’s treating of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Sadly, it’s not without its evidence. The most popular post of last month is just such evidence–in the form of a surprise cost cutting maneuver. And it was actually usefully useful, too. Not to mention easier on the already stretched ultrathin pocketbook. But I never claimed these things made sense.
  • I love a good conspiracy theory. Always have. The unfortunate events in Boston gave rise to several, not to mention the suspects arrested for attempting to derail a train yesterday. I posted a very interesting Canadian take on a common one–complete with New World Order references and everything. Actually kind of adoreable. And enough of you had an interest in such foolery that it’s managed second on the list–again.
  • Bell Canada and I have a thing. I have to use their modem, because it’s the only one actually supported for these internet speeds (I get 25 mbps down). They love to screw with this modem. And I get left with the fixy fixy. Judging by the trafick to this post, I’d guess it’s me and a long line of others. You paying attention, Bell? Didn’t think so.
  • Before I moved to the place I’m in now, I lived in a building owned by Paramount Properties. There is, was, and probably will continue to be a hell of a lot wrong with that company, and I haven’t even gotten to publish the rest of it yet–I really should do that. Part 1 of what I’ve already published, on how much effort it actually took to get them to take their rent already, is still generating interest. If you don’t want a headache or two, you don’t want to rent from this company.
  • I occasionally like to take shots at ODSP. Largely because of things like a ways up the page. You, apparently, occasionally like to read them. Which explains why this post rounds out the most popular list for the month of March.

Once again, the category where I throw everything related to ODSP has generated all manner of interest this month. Kind of making me wonder if maybe I should be on the lookout for something screwed. But, that aside, there’s the month according to you. I have more mockery and other asorted bits somewhere around here. But right now, I have baseball, goddammit. Happy reading. And hey, if you break it, I’ll let you keep both pieces.

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