Popular Posts (March, 2011).

What do you do when you have a website with a google page rank of 2, and an absolute wealth of complete mockery building up? Why, sit on it and don’t do a whole lot of anything with it, of course. Well, if you’re me, anyway. If you’re anyone else it probably equates to about a million posts per day–but then, anyone else wouldn’t have just gone through February either. The month was largely spent recovering and dealing with personal admin stuff. And yet, I still found things to post about. And mock. And folks still found things to read. Here’s what folks were interested in last month, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • Earth hour was kind of a mock waiting to happen. I’ve mocked it twice on this here blog, including this past hour–when I pointed out I wasn’t going to be the only one being oblivious to the hour. Somewhere in a cold, dark corner of Canada, some PC greenie just fainted.
  • We have to go all the way back to the dust-covered archives for this one. A completely random quiz I did way back in 2006 somehow made the list last month. I don’t even wanna know what the hell kinda keywords brought this puppy back from the dead. Hi, nearly 5 years ago.
  • From the mocked and mocked again department, not everyone takes rejection all that kindly. Some, like the 92-year-old mentioned in this entry, get downright violent about it. I wonder how she’s fairing with the whole jail thing.
  • I actually managed to go a whole month or thereabouts without posting anything here. I dunno how, and I really can’t remember exactly all of why. But I did. My first post in about a month, complete with typoes, exists over here. What I didn’t tell you in that post was it was being done from the laptop–kinda like this one is now. Hence, the typoes while I was getting used to the keyboard on this thing. I still haven’t quite gotten that down yet–I’ve just been slightly better at the whole applying of the delete key thing.
  • I’ve been somewhat unfairly riding Glen Beck the last couple entries. And I’m not done yet if the news I’ve been seeing is true. But, hey, his whackyness has landed him on the popular posts list for two months in a row–you can’t blame me for that, right? Once again, his being convince there’s a gigantic government conspiracy involving Google has managed to interest, and probably amuse, folks who’ve dropped by. Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m still mildly entertained by that idea as well. That’s why I mocked it.

And there you have it. March, or most of it, in a nutshell. And an old post to spice things up. Just when I thought my having moved things around would break me in the search engines. Clearly, I was mistaken. Now, back to finding random bits of trivial to post. Happy lerking, or something like it.

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