This is how Earth Hour should be done, kids.

Last year, I largely ignored the existence of Earth Hour. By largely, I mean entirely. this year, I didn’t even know Earth Hour was even coming up. Can we call that ignorance on account of obliviousness? Sure, why not? In Edmonton, they did it one better–whereas it’s the politically correct thing to do to shut off anything and everything electric for a whole hour in the name of environmental friendlyness, for the purposes of allowing the Pc greenies among us to justify trippling our electricity bills, Edmontonians did exactly the opposite.

Alberta residents turned off Earth Hour by leaving their power switched on.

Edmonton saw a spike in power usage during this year’s Earth Hour when Canadians are asked to shut off all non-essential power, officials reported Sunday.

According to Epcor, the city used 1058.15 megawatts of power between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Saturday. This represented a 1.01 per cent rise over the same day and time last week. Cold temperatures may be to blame, Epcor officials said.

They may be, but they’re probably not. Now, then. Back to cancelling Earth Hour in this apartment. Go global warming–I mean cooling–I mean climate change!

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  1. Earth Hour must have slid right by me, but I guess I chalk it up to lack of notification in the various social media thingies I hang out on. Maybe everybody I know missed it. No matter, really, as anything that encourages people to jump on a bandwagon tends to bring out the skeptic and cynic. Just a token gesture for people to think they’re doing universes of good by not doing much of anything at all, so yeah. Shave the Earth, or something. *grin*

    • I never got the idea behind Earth Hour. Ever. So you turn all your lights off and everything else, and… do what? Sit there for an hour? Go for a drive to a friend’s place? Oh wait, nevermind–that goes against the PC greenies’ vision of what Earth Hour should represent. Okay, sit there for an hour it is. Or, screw Earth Hour and watch CSI.

  2. Y’know, there is that. Not sure if the energy-usage thing extends to batteries, but light-dependent folks can’t even read unless they’re allowed to use candles or battery-powered flashlights or lanterns. Braille readers would have the advantage, but nah, token gesture, why bother.

  3. I was in a pub during earth hour this year. They shut the lights off. In the dark, one of the waiters bumped into one of the waitresses and spilled a pint all over her. At least something kinda entertaining came out of earth hour. But it’s not all good news. there was wasted beer. Fuck you, earth hour!

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