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Something has gone tragically wrong. No, seriously. I’m wrapping up the month of May, which has been insane with a side order of OMG, and it’s only the 3rd of June. Have I finally knocked off this whole slacking thing, or is there perhaps some connection between this and the fact I’m writing this post while sitting on the coutch in my epically awesome living room–which, for the first time in the history of my having my own place, is actually a living room and not half an office? Further investigation may be required. The month of May has, though, been insane busy in the insane. Complete with what might almost be called an OMG right now emergency move for which, after things officially fell into place and didn’t have a gigantic questionmark wrapped around them, I had a grand total of a week to actually arange things. Still, nobody died in the aranging of this move–and we might actually be able, for the first time ever, to save a nickle or dime here and there on ODSP. Bloody miraculous and warranting vodka. And hey look, I have vodka. I also apparently managed to find plenty of content, both mock-worthy and not so much, to post about–before and after the move. Readers found some of it quite interesting, but appeared to still be interested in posts from earlier, most noteably during my small war with ODSP. Here’s a look at what most interested folks in the month of May, as always, brought to you by Google Analytics.

  • We were trying to sort things out with the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) in the month of April, so we could actually manage to aford to stay where we were, nevermind where we are now. ODSP was having none of it, though, and–my case worker, at least–tried to be as vague as possible about it. That resulted in more than a little frustration, and an eventual police threat of sorts. It was never acted on, but it did prove just how twitchy ODSP gets when they’re called out for being a little crooked. I’m still waiting to see how that develops, but am not holding my breath.
  • Every time I’m anywhere near Ottawa, I put together a gigantic list of things to do. And I usually end up getting most of them crossed off while I’m here. I gave it a good start, having not even been here too weeks yet. Not bad for a return to familiar territory.
  • I nearly had a shopping list of hardware issues on my primary machine. Nearly. Except for that part where I didn’t. Turned out instead it was a fairly new virus. It took me the weekend to clean up from, and research showed me it didn’t have time to be fully adapted to, but I’ll be the first to tell you, it very nearly provoked a phone call to Dell–for the second time last month.
  • On the local blog front, I was able to implement a few nifty little changes to the blog in my few minutes free post-move, and they seem to be fairly well received so far. Those changes include updates by email. Go ahead and subscribe–it’s been rather widely tested. Coming soon, updates to particular categories by email. Yay?
  • And finally, it’s not always good news out of the NHL camp. Just ask the owner of a Montreal shawarma joint who owes $90000 in perceived damages after creating an ad for his restaurant that supports the Montreal Canadians. I always said supporting those bastards from Montreal aughta be illegal, but I wasn’t thinking copyright/trademark illegal. Way to go, NHL. I’m still wicked impressed. Except no not really.

That’s May in a nutshell. Now, let’s see if I can remember more of this Rogers TV lineup. On the list of mockery? Protesting the throne speech. That’s 2011 ambission at work. And that’s probably mock-worthy.

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