Why they should never let me near Ottawa. But they did.

Every time I come to Ottawa, whether it’s to live or visit, I always have this wicked huge list of things to do. And almost always, within the first week or two, I end up making a sizeable dent in that list. Which is exactly why it is they should absolutely never let me anywhere near Ottawa. Reasons this is bad for me include, but are not limited to:

  1. Random, most-of-the-day walks that take up more distance than most people could see themselves walking and still being healthy
  2. Stops along said walks to occasionally collect random bits of random, in photo form
  3. These wouldn't survive mailing. Will electronic do?

  4. Popping into random specialty stores just to see what they’ve got on for cheap that’s semi-original (hint: there’s a crap ton)
  5. Yet more walks, with yet more photoworks, with yet more scenery
  6. This is so not me. You can't prove it.

  7. Yard sales–every second weekend, on every second block
  8. Random crap picked up at said yard sales, for cheap–like my new coffee table (it’s on wheels)
    • Or the old coffee table, which doubles as a temporary TV stand (it cost me a dollar, 5 years ago)
  9. Grocery shopping, sans the actual shopping–hey, I’m lazy, and I hate shopping
  10. Milano Pizzeria–no, seriously, if you must have pizza, you must have Milano
  11. And oh yeah, yet more photoworks
  12. I could just kinda be here all day. You wouldn't mind, would you?

  13. And I guess that whole employment thing doesn’t hurt, once I figure out what that is

If that’s a week in Ottawa, no freaking wonder the previous 2.5 years just kinda sailed by at warp speed. I know this much about Ottawa on my second time around, at least–I’ll definitely get back in shape. Now, then. Where’d I put the rest of my to-do list?

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4 responses to “Why they should never let me near Ottawa. But they did.”

  1. Love Milano’s. I’ve ordered from them quite a few times per month over the last 7.5 years or so.
    Papa Ricco’s isn’t bad iether. It’s been around for 2 years or so. It’s owned by a couple former milano’s employees.

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