I have officially lived in Ottawa for a year.

Well, actually, over that now. Over that by… about a week. Which means I’ve almost had internet access from Ottawa for a year. I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d keep my relatively little sanity when I shoved my almost life into boxes and got the hell out of Pembroke. Trish and I were actually talking about this Thursday night, and it kinda made me realize. I don’t see me going back to Pembroke any time soon, for anything more than the occasional shortened visit. By shortened, I mean… maybe an evening, hopefully an hour. I’m a different person now, I think, than I was when I moved out. I’ve learned a lot, and actually gotten some motivation to do something. Oh, I’m still lazy as hell, and would still rather stay home and get paid than go to work, but I like my job, and since I have to do it anyway, I’m kinda glad going to work means going to this office. I overslept yesterday and it pissed me right the hell off. But eh, it happens. Tonight, there be hockey (I’m ordering pizza). I still have 4 games–no, 4 victories–to post about when I get home tonight. And then I’m ordering pizza. Possibly. And I can only say… oh, hell, yes. Okay. I’m gonna just stop here. This entry’s becoming a whole lot more random than I’d intended. Note to self: do not blog while half awake, or before coffee.

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  1. I’m proud of you. We both are in the same boat and have changed since we’ve moved from home. I’m happy for you as well.

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