I definitely should have done this ages ago.

I always thought the walk from my place to work and back was actually kinda nice. Even when it was upwards of -25 degrees and I’d spend 15 minutes after getting here bitching to no end about the cold. But it actually *is* rather enjoyable, in spite of that. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about working here. I’m all for just randomly going for a walk wherever… I mean, it beats the hell out of sitting at home watching TV, and it’s apparently doing me some good. But until this week or so, I’ve always been tossing around the idea of cabbing it instead. Of course, taking the bus and the resulting necessary walk to the office wins out always anyway, both for the cost and… well, because I’m doing something. Today, though, I actually enjoyed my walk home this morning. At least, I think I did–by the time I got home I was probably too whiped to really care. I know for sure, though, it was relaxing making the trip to work tonight. Not for any one particular reason… except that it’s actually above freezing, and I’m not spending longer putting layers of clothing on than actually getting out the door. It probably hellps that for the second time this year I was able to open every window in the place. Summer’s fast approaching, and that means lots of baseball, pizza, caffinated cold beverages, and leaving that apartment as wide open as I possibly can without making it a security risk. How can you possibly go wrong with a plan like that? Too bad it’s only for a couple months out of the year. But, what’re ya gonna do? I’m sure not complaining.

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