So this morning. Hella freezing. Why?

That pretty much summarizes it. Yesterday, it was bordering on springlike weather. At least to the point where I thought about taking 5 minutes before the bus came and throwing my jacket back inside. This morning? Freaking, cold. I walk out my back door and across the parking lot to where they’ve stashed my bus stop, and I wanna turn around and grab a coffee. It royally, and painfully, sucked! And it’s not about to suck any less, if the weather netework’s got anything to say about it. That’s it, I’m calling in sick tomorrow. And every day until it goes above freezing. Winter should be illegal. The cold doesn’t bother me usually, except when I have to stand in it for upwards of 20 minutes between buses. *Then* it bothers me just a bit. And *then* I get bitchy. Or maybe it’s just that then I have a reason to. Same difference.
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