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Respecting my elders gets difficult when they’re idiots.

The teenagers complaining about the bus not being here now, now, now take a back seat suddenly when compared with my latest discovery on my way to work tonight–the grandpa who actually calls the control station for the city buses to complain because one of the doors to the shelter at the stop we both just happen to be waiting at is locked. His reason? “We shouldn’t have to walk around to the other door. clearly you can’t see, so you must understand that.” Uh, let’s see… I’m lazy. That’s the only reason I was inclined to agree with him in the first place. But, of course… it ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because as lazy as I am, I’ll walk around the freaking shelter–which, by the way, isn’t that big to begin with–before I pick up a phone to bitch about one door being locked. I pointed out to the fool, rather politely I’ll add, that in about 10 minutes when the bus showed up it wasn’t going to make a difference to him. His response? “The way I see it, I’m doing a service to the public.” And the way I see it, you’ve just wasted brain cells. And some poor soul at the control station’s time. Gotta love it. Except… now, you just made yourself look stupid. Which… I guess is what he was aiming at. Figures.

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