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So yesterday was apparently senior citizens’ day?

So this week’s work routine started off as per usual at 7:00 or so on Wednesday. And… got very different after that. A guy I work with got shown the door due to cost cutting measures, or so that’s what the rumor mill says anyway. So as of that afternoon, I’m back making regular use of Ottawa’s ever so very lovely transit system. So yesterday, I get on in the morning as I suspect I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future, and the bus I take to actually get me to work just so happens to be driven by one of the older gentlemen on staff. Which, okay, I’m all for that. I mean, hell, I like the idea in Ontario that you can actually keep right on working ’til you damn well don’t wanna. But in certain cases, like yesterday morning… he really should have not wanted to. Harsh-ish? Yeah quite probably. But true. So I catch his bus at 6:00 yesterday morning. It’s a pretty straight forward route–through the busy part of Kanata, down a couple back roads, loop around and come back up pretty much up the street from where I work. So my plan was to get off at the corner and just walk from there to work. It wasn’t *too* freezing cold yesterday, so I could get away with it. Well, if the moron didn’t flat out miss my stop. So rather than be half an hour early for work, I ended up being rather half an hour late. And that’s not one of those buses where you can just get off at some random stop and catch one going the opposite direction in 5-10 minutes. There’s one bus an hour, it goes one direction, and if you miss where you have to get off, you get to go around again. So I got to go around again. And because it was his last run on that route, I got to go back to the original stop where he picked me up from, call my boss to tell him I’d be late, and hop *another* bus to work. Pretty pretty. But not really. And then coming home after work, I had the pleasure of being driven home by another senior citizen. Who also missed my stop going back. That one, at least, decided it’d be better if he just dropped me off at the halfway point so I wouldn’t have as long to wait to catch the second one I need. So I still didn’t get home too insanely late last night, all things considered. Pissed me right off though, for sure. And of course this morning, senior citizen number 1 was behind the wheel again when I caught that bus, so to say the least, I wasn’t exactly bursting with confidence. But, um, I’m here. And I was here on time this morning. And I didn’t kill anyone. But I’m not all that thrilled about the prospect of the return trip. And people might die on that one.

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