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At long last, it’s that time of the month again–wherein I go flipping back through last month’s notes and take measure of exactly what it is folks found interesting to read while life was going on on this side of the blog. We call it April’s most popular posts, as chosen by you, and only two or three days before I should be starting to think about May’s. Hey, it’s an improvement. Still, I blame in no particular order: moving, taxes, moving, family outings, moving, the beginning formation of wedding plans (future entry probably), moving, cleaning up after the move, moving, and oh yeah, moving. And while I was building up to this move, and finding slightly more things to mock than I expected, you folks were busy getting interested. Here’s what you liked, brought to you as always courtesy Google Analytics.

  • I’ve never been a very big fan of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Yes, in spite of the fact at the moment, they’re the only thing keeping me from living off my family’s already stretched budget. There’s an entire category on the site set aside for my periodic rounds with ODSP. Including when they jump off the deep end and threaten to call the police over one such blog post–they never did, for the record.
  • Keeping on the ODSP theme, you asked what prompted the threat of having the police called on me courtesy ODSP. An admittedly irritatedly written post, prompted by the fact the information ODSP was handing me was pretty well clear as mud. I got a bit of an education during that conversation. And gave one back a while later.
  • If you subscribe to geek theory, and it looks like a lot of you do, you know about April 21, 2011. If you read my blog, and you obviously do, you know about April 21, 2011. Here’s why, in case you’ve forgotten or ignored it. Yep, Skynet is now self-aware. We’re screwed.
  • April was apparently dominated by ODSP related searches. Actually, it was dominated by ODSP searches before ODSP became an issue–only this time, the searches were actually being done by ODSP. I wasn’t the least bit surprised, particularly these days, when employers have been known to request your Facebook, Twitter, blog etc passwords. So long, privacy. You were never really here, but we pretended well.
  • And just to fill you in on what started the apparent month of ODSP dominance in April, we skip back to February, when I got my first taste of ODSP math. Two months later and that post still gets pointed to. One of us isn’t doing something right like.

That’s April in a nutshell. Taken up mostly by government issues that at the end of the day, I only just shrugged out from under. Now, with only a couple days left in May, let’s see what you folks are finding interesting this month. You’ll find out later this week, unless life slaps me in the face–then later this month. Now, then. About the last remaining threads of that damned infection.

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