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It took forever and a half, but I’m finally doing the February recap I should have done in March. In April! Go me. February was, er, um, insanely insane. Busy didn’t even describe it. From getting sickly sick, to helping Jessica get moved in, to partaking in a concerting experience. And yet, I still had time to find things to post about–and you guys, somehow, had time to read them. Here’s what you found interesting in the month of February, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission decided on a whim back in January that there was no such thing as unlimitted internet. I tore into them for that, and they eventually somehow managed to back the hell down. You guys were interested enough to put this at the top of the list in February.
  • I’ve commented before on those whacked out loopies over in Iran and their idea of things like, you know, social progress. Or human rights. They decided to outlaw Valentines day. I don’t subscribe to the extreme ideas of the day, but I still mocked them quite handily for it. So did a few others, actually.
  • I’m nowhere near an Apple fan. Nowhere near. In fact, I’ve called them out more times than I care to admit–yes, even though I kind of had my arm twisted to pick up a freaking iPhone. One of the things I’ve called them out for? Their obsession with being the end point for anything you have to actually pay for. Yeah, this includes music, apps, some of the content you yoink via those apps, whatever. Apple’s a phone manufacturer, not a bloody shopping center. Lord knows it’s trying to be both, though.
  • From the department of whacked out high-profile loopies, you guys had a pretty amusingly high interest in Glen Beck’s latest oopsy. You know, the one in which he brands Google, of all things, as being in bed with the government. Yeah, I kind of snarked at that maybe just a little. And maybe suggested he should retire. But, hey, when you get that senile…
  • I spent the month of February, and part of the month of March, hanging out in rochester–see afore mentioned helping Jessica move and winding up sick to top it off. I threw something together and called it an update. Then the insanity kicked me squarely in the teeth and updates like that became a myth. Well, there’s your myth.

There’s February in the tiniest of nutshells. Hopefully I’ll remember to do March’s recap before April goes and fucks off somewhere. Meantime, I’ll keep posting–you just keep reading.

Semi-related: for the first time since I started broadcasting my posts on Twitter, you folks coming from Google have actually managed to beat them out. And they say there’s no such thing as good search influence.

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