If you must pay for stuff, pay Apple, says Apple.

Apple is not a fan of letting people do what they want with the hardware they purchased. That’s no huge secret. Now, they’re starting to become more like that with the software people purchase. The latest? In-app purchases may be on their way out. Apple is apparently looking at forcing all content purchases, IE: things you would normally buy directly from the app developer(s), through its own store. The solution? More money for Apple, less control for users/developers. The result? More people considering finding brand spanking new and interesting ways to unlock their hardware. Probably not what Apple was intending, but as the Techdirt article points out, it’s a real good way to piss people off and make them do exactly that. Way to be, Apple. I’ll just be sticking with my Nokia, now–at least until it self-bricks and I get to deal with Windows Phone 7. But that’s another entry. In the meantime, happy 89125435543 reasons to jailbreak your iThing, kids. Enjoy.

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