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In which, shockingly enough, I manage to do this thing before March is a week old. Is there hope for me? Yeah, don’t count on it. Worth a shot, though. Oh–and I manage to do it in around all manner of technological breakage. Which, of course, just means next time the breakage’ll try a little harder. While I’ve been breaking things, though, folks have been doing the getting busy with the finding trivialities. It’s lead to some repeat performances–and one or two things I didn’t expect, which may or may not be slightly worrying if you’re the type that should be blogging this stuff. I’ll mention those a little later on. As for now, the good stuff. Shush–it’s good, dammit.

For the month of February, 1056 of you wasted 1 minute and 25 seconds trying to find something vaguely useful to salvage from this mess. I’d play the optimistic card and say something about how you might have found something if you’d just have stuck around here a little bit longer, but come on. If I had anything that major to say, folks’d pay me for it. But you found something, anyway. Here’s what most of you were interested in for the month, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • In January, I was introduced to an interesting twist on the whole New World Order conspiracy theory idea. I think it was trying to abide by Canadian content laws or something, as it pretty much outlined exactly how, where and why the government of Ontario, through it’s Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), was out to hang us all. Or maybe just starve us all. Whichever. I mocked it, and nearly two months later it’s still attracting attention. Government attention, no doubt. Is anyone offering witness protection?
  • I call Bell Canada the Microsoft of the ISP universe. If there’s a standard in existence, they blow right past it at high speed. Usually going the other way. In December, they pushed an update to their connection hub modem that blew right past basic networking standards. Again, in the opposite direction. Since December, it’s made the most popular list every month so far–and attracted a handful of comments in the process. And Bell still hasn’t acknowledged they busted their modem. Hey–that also sounds extremely familiar.
  • I barely use Windows Live Messenger these days. Actually over the last few years my usage has pretty much tapered off to around 0, with a few noteable exceptions. Apparently I’m not the only one, as Microsoft has decided this year is a good year for it to die. I warned you that I’d be doing away with it shortly-ish. Admitedly I haven’t gotten to it yet, but largely it’s because I keep forgetting I have the thing. I suppose if it were more annoying I’d remember–but, you know. Eventually, Microsoft will make that decision for me. But maybe hell will freeze and I’ll do something about it before then (*).
  • Daniel Alfredson, as the divine one. It just doesn’t
    feel–well–natural. And yet, Siri says so–and Siri’s never wrong, right? I mean–there was that one time, with that one Nokia phone, but come on. Every electronic personal assistant makes mistakes. Although, it does explain the, uh, lack of playoff appearances since about 2004 from a certain team out of toronto. But–er–Alfredson? Really? Not funny, oh holy one.
  • Sticking with the sports theme to round out the list, spring training started a couple weeks ago. I’m more than a little interested. When pitchers and catchers reported to start things off, I wondered if the things I was hearing–from not just the folks what get paid to say the things I was hearing–might just translate into something useful this year. I’m still wondering. I mean, it *is* only spring training. There’s still a metric ton of baseball to be had–and the Jays aren’t exactly famous for coming out from underneath it without being at least somewhat flattened by around August or September. But, if there’s something to what I’ve been hearing, at the very least it could be an interesting ride to get there.

And that’s February, in a sort of half-baked nutshell. An interesting little sidenote, that may or may not inspire some research when I’ve gotten around to more caffeine. Of the 1056 of you that stopped by to say hi, 214 of you hit my ODSP page directly. You used any number of search terms to get there–which makes me wonder. Should I be keeping my eye out for something to potentially explode? The overly cautious part of me says hell to the yes. The sarcastic part of me says what the hell else am I gonna find to mock. Okay, majority rules. Look for the results of ODSP related digging–just as soon as I dig out some motivation.

*: No, that does not mean I’ll be using Skype full-time. Or even part-time. I despise Skype with the passionist of passions. If I have literally no other choice, then grudgingly, I’ll fight with the thing. But for the most part, if there’s an alternative, I’ll use it. And I still have a few alternatives. Anything to get out of a program that loves to take my system with it upon crashing–which it does about every second or third load. No thank you please, it only makes me drunk. Now, then. I think I was digging for caffeine. And trivial things.

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