Popular posts (September, 2010).

It’s been a somewhat up and down month, both in what I’ve been up to and in reader activity. In the last few weeks, though, reader activity’s at least been moving in a more upwardly direction–I guess me not being as busy means there’s more up here for folks to be distracted by. Who knew? Here’s what you’ve found interesting since the start of September, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • I’ve been an unwilling recipient of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) since around this time last year. even though I’d much rather be working and off ODSP, I still take an active interest in what goes on with it–particularly to the extent that, at least for the moment, it also affects me. So when two people with alcoholism were ruled by Ontario’s human rights commission to be entitled to ODSP, I was more than a little irritated. I unloaded on the human rights commission when I read of it, and that generated a fairly intense discussion–the most activity the blog’s seen since it was set up.
  • Not nearly as intense a discussion, Ottawa mayoral candidate Clive Doucet gets a spot in the popular posts list for his advertisements based on exchanging only one or two emails with the man–nearly two years ago. He got his very own rant for that. Fortunately, his unsubscribe option exists–and works–this time.
  • H1N1 is dead, and just in time. a day or two after its death, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided it wanted us to know about a brand spanking new superbug. Vaccination manufacturers everywhere just had a collective orgasm.
  • My quest to put my geekery on paper has been placed on a temporary hold, after my college dreams crashed and burned. Bright side: it freed me up to pursue two job opportunities, one of which is still running–the other, at least for the moment, ran off a cliff.
  • And, from the archives, in 2008, Carly Fleischmann made headlines in a larger than life way. She’s an autistic highschool kid who can’t communicate verbally, but can do so more than well enough on a computer to make up for it. I wrote two entries about her–here’s the second of the two–when I read about her initially. More than two years later now, and she’s in highschool, on Facebook, and on Twitter–follow her here. That’s the kind of progress I can get behind.

That’s the kind of month it’s been. Now let’s shove this thing into October, possible future employment, and hockey. Lots, and lots, of hockey.

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