Now that’s what I like to see.

CTV actually covering something useful/interesting, as opposed to the usual shtuffs that goes along with Iraq being on the front page. A 13-year-old autistic kid, Carly, who I’ve mentioned on occasion, now actually wants to do something on her own to start making people aware of exactly what it’s like to be her. The original article blew my freakin’ mind, and would probably blow the minds of just about anyone else with the slightest hint of inner geek. But what surprised me more than anything else was the fact CTV actually followed up with it, and inside of 24 hours, too. They’ve since released a documentary on the subject last week, and have obviously been keeping an eye on the response from said documentary. either that or someone else just wants to make sure they keep on the topic, because they now have pretty much copy/pasted an email that was sent to a few different people from her, which pretty much says she wants to do something to help. I may not know a whole hell of a lot about autism, but if something were to actually come of all this media attention, I’d probably be one of the first in line to support it. For the absolute awesomeness factor, if for no other reason.

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