Headlines are now a source of irritation.

I’ve probably complained about it in passing before, but oh well. Now, every time I turn on the news (yes, I’m insane enough to actually watch it), I cringe and flip channels. The top three storiees, more or less, never cease to not surprise me. Front page usually consists of: Iraq–someone’s threatening or killing or kidnapping someone, Isreal/Palistine–rocket attack, retaliatory suicide bombing, shelling, wash, rince, repeat, and the US screaming bloody murder about both stories–Bush is picking up where his daddy and Clinton left off with the talking tough and doing absolutely as little as possible to actually prove a point. It wouldn’t bother me quite so much if I lived in the US–I’d probably expect to hear about it all kinds of often, then. But I live in Canada, and the back and forth jabbering on about it doesn’t involve us. So why’s the Canadian media focusing almost entirely on it? Yeah, we have troops over there. We had troops in Bosnia, too, and in Cyprus, and they didn’t get this kind of coverage. We don’t have troops in Isreal and that, so are they just using that to fill up space on the front page? I’m a huge patriotism nut at times, I’ll freely admit that. But damn… at least talk about something we can be patriotic about, if you’re gonna yammer on and on for bloody ever anyway. Like… I dunno… something local, rather than half a world away where if we’re lucky we have 3 citizens!

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