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This kid trumps any 2 of yours. And she’s not even related to me.

Girl’s writings opening new window on autism. And all I have to say on this is… wow. For once, that’s the only opinion I can offer. Be afraid. But seriously–the kid’s 13. She started doing this, according to the article, when she was 10. I dunno about you, but any 10-year-old kid I’ve ever met can’t be bothered to sit at a computer for more than 30 seconds unless they’re getting the chance to blow the crap out of something. I mean, yeah neither can she, but at least there’s a reason for that. This is one of those occasions where I kinda wish the crap going on in Iraq wasn’t the only thing that gets a follow-up from CTV. Kid’s practically half my age and already she’s gone and proven she’s twice as smart as me. Props to her parents, too–it’s way, and I do mean way, too easy to just give up, say I quit, and let the system take care of the kid. I used to go to a school for the blind, and by about my third or fourth year there, I saw an increasing number of people there who *may* have been blind or visually impaired, but who had multiple of other issues going on and their parents, I swear, just decided “Hey, that place’ll take them off our hands. Away they go.”. Good on you for actually standing up and taking control of the situation. I just hope all the media attention that story’s gonna get you guys doesn’t add to what I imagine is already a bit of an occasionally stressful time. Either way, go Carly go! And if by some freak accident someone who knows her stumbles across this tiny yet very opinionated blog and wants to give her a place to tell her own story, just get in touch with me. I’ve got lots of space I’m not using, and I’d love to put some of it into an effort like that. And hey, you fools at CTV, follow up on it a little will ya? Iraq can take a week off.


Someone at the CTV is apparently listening. A little over 24 hours after I saw this article, they did follow up. Awesomeness. And the offer I made in reference to that follow-up still stands. See? I’m not entirely cruel–just when it’s deserved.

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