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Not even officially summer yet and I’ve had to keep the remote to my AC close by. This isn’t pretty. If you’re sweating it out like I am, here’s a nifty little way to keep semi-cool. crack open something cold–I recommend a bottle of rum–and have a look at what folks were interested in last month, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.
  • The “piracy is evil” camp got a bunch of renewed memberships this month, in the form of our new copyright legislation and its supporters. I wonder what for, and point out the obvious. As long as the pirates offer a better service than the legal alternatives, piracy wins. And no, I don’t lose sleep at night.
  • Administrative bodies absolutely hate making things headache free. Noteably when it comes to certain highschool transcripts. I guess 1995 was a good year–folks are surprisingly still stuck there, at least technologically.
  • Earlier in the month, Ottawa and area received a gift from the phone companies in the form of a new area code. It only took them 4+ years since they enacted ten-digit dialing.
  • Humidity? Here? Nah. Can’t be. If you’re me, you’re probably about ready to call it quits on this whole overly sticky thing already–and it’s only June. And if you’re Xup, you’re probably crazy enough to actually like it. I’m sorry.
  • Speaking of Xup, a debate over on her blog a bit ago left me with an essay in my head, and I’m way too nice to stick the whole thing on her blog in a comment. It got dropped here instead. I keep forgetting to do my follow-up post to this one. Maybe today at some point. Or tomorrow. See? Told you lazy is bad for me.

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