New area code comes into affect today.

It’s official. Sometime during the next 24 hours, new phone numbers in Ottawa, Pembroke and area will show up with a new area code. The new code, 343, is to address an apparently expected shortage in available phone numbers in the area. They blame the increase in mobile phones for the shortage of numbers; I blame a lack of recycling the old ones. I guess now we know why we’ve had 10-digit dialing for the last 4 years.


2 responses to “New area code comes into affect today.”

  1. And then we have Saskatchewan, who only has one area code for the entire province. I felt like a tool the first time I tried to make a phone call in another place – I needed an adult, man.

    • Same used to apply to the majority of BC, too. Then they up and put Vancouver island on its own code and away we went. Granted, we also didn’t have 10-digit dialing back then. Wonder how long after I left there that lasted.

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