OC Transpo is playing around with reverse economics again.

For the fourth year in a row, OC Transpo, better known as that thing what used to get me to work anywhere from 10 minutes early to 15 minutes late, has decided to increase fares. The reason? According to the current chair of the OC Transpo commission, low ridership is to blame. So to offset the lack of revenue prompted by dropping ridership numbers–which probably wouldn’t have happened if the city and OC Transpo union hadn’t screwed us all over the place re: that bus strike, the remaining riders will be given a very good reason to look elsewhere for their rides–higher prices. A monthly bus pass now costs about $91. And for their increased fees, they get the privilege of riding buses that just so happen to be a little more empty. Reverse economics has hit Ottawa in 2011. And just in time for that other city what perfected the art of reverse economics to cancel its own fare increase. Impressive, Ottawa. Except for that part where it’s not. Please to be leading by example. Oh, wait–I forgot who I was talking about. Forget I said anything.

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