OC Transpo flips off the community, doesn’t want you to actually find your bus.

Now this is new. Apparently, an Algonquin College student came up with a mobile application, available at whereismybus.ca, that uses GPS data to determine in realtime where your particular bus is. That data was apparently publicly available from OC Transpo. Was, at least, until a few days after the application was released. OC Transpo then rather quickly said thanks, but no, and yanked the GPS data–thus pretty much killing that application. Awesome. So now not only are they talking about cutting services and tweaking their brand, but they’ve decided you don’t get to actually find out about the services that aren’t being cut and how long it’ll take for them to actually get to you. Nice work, OC Transpo. Way to justify increasing user fees. Yeah, I feel like taking up riding again.

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