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I forgot Ottawa had 2 area codes. In March, it has 3.

I grew up around here most of my life. Was born here. Went to school not far from here. So I mean, baked into my brain is one area code for this area–613. It completely slipped my mind that we needed, and received, another one–though I wrote about it before it happened. Which, I suppose, should tell you how many people I know–or have received calls from–who actually have it. Somehow, we’re getting a third.

The Telecommunications Alliance announced the new 753 area code will be introduced in the regions currently served by area codes 343 and 613 starting March 26.

Once the new area code is introduced, Ottawa and eastern Ontario residents and businesses requesting a new phone number may receive one beginning with 753.

“Numbers with the new area code will only be assigned once there is no longer a sufficient supply of numbers with the existing area codes,” the Telecommunications Alliance said in a news release.

Couple more of these and we’ll start to feel a little bit more like toronto. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the end goal, mind, but… there it be.

In related news, we now have 3 area codes ending in 3. Either this is a weird coincidence or somebody somewhere has a little superstition thing happening…

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