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I didn’t want things done the easy way anyway.

For the better part of two weeks or so, I’ve been on a hunt for a non-painful way to get hold of my highschool transcripts so I might go back and start on the path to putting my geekness on paper in the form of an actual college-level diploma–something I admittedly should have done when I was messing around in college anyway, rather than the program I ended up picking. It required playing phone tag with the highschool, and then playing phone tag with the college, and now going back to the highschool in question.

The school I went to and graduated from is presently 6 hours away from where I live, give or take. Which escentially means I can’t much walk in with money in hand, and walk out with a copy of my transcripts. Since I’m looking at applying to Algonquin College here in town, and I’d already attended the Ottawa campus, I figured they might still have the transcripts that were submitted to them roughly 7 years ago–my credentials re: highschool haven’t changed since then, so I might as well make it easy on everyone, right? If you agree, then apparently you’re as wrong as I am. Apparently, transcripts are only kept at the college for a year.

So, after two weeks of back and forth with the voicemail of someone who apparently hasn’t been in her office since December, a couple days of back and forth with the voicemail at the college’s reception desk, and finally getting someone with half a brain to call me back, I’m right where I started two weeks ago. Monday, I call the highschool yet again, and probably land in their voicemail, yet again. And we somehow work out an arangement in which they get their money and I get my proof of education in under a month. Hopefully these folks are a tiny bit more familiar with the concept of email than they were when I actually went to this school, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Thanks, educational administrative folks. I was trying not to do it the easy way. You’re so accommodating. So when do you start working *with* me?


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  1. I cna’t believe you even need your high school diploma anymore to apply at college — especially if you’ve already been at some point. Usually if you go in as a mature student they don’t need high school transcripts from eons ago.

    • All applications now in Ontario are sent through OCAS now, and mature student or not that process requires your transcript. And $95, but that’s a whole other story.

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