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  • Academia says goodbye, all the crazy says hello.

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    TLDR: I need to do this more often, I’m out of practice, and still brain fried by academia. I also may not be finished. So I thought things would slow down once I was done with college things. And then I was done with college things, and haven’t stopped since. … Read the rest

  • So how did you spend your summer vacation?

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    I’ve managed some kind of personal best–three months or so without having done more than respond to a few comments over here. Well, that and do the usual updating for security reasons and, um, malware prevention reasons. So why have I been quiet? Simply put, I need a vacation … Read the rest

  • So this is what free time looks like…

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    It’s amazing what happens when you’re having to do all the things. Like, for instance, you’re undoubtedly going to realize you’re running out of room for things. That is my academic life. So when the end of April hit and another semester ended up falling away behind me, this meant … Read the rest

  • Education: 1 James: 0

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    Up side: It hasn’t been 4 months since the last time I looked at this thing. Slightly less up side: Academia and I have become incredibly close over the last couple months. to the tune of I may have to tell the next person I’m dating that I can’t marry … Read the rest

  • Geek training, now with actual geek tools.

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    College is awesome, if for no other reason than while I’m not being paid, I’ve still got plenty to keep me occupied during a day. And now, the stuff I have to keep me occupied just became a whole lot more relevant. I’ve been taking this program for pretty much … Read the rest

  • In which education kills brain cells and eats sleep schedules for lunch.


    So. I might have mentioned it’s been wicked crazy if you’re me. I might have also mentioned that I rather love that it’s been wicked crazy. The problem with education getting wicked crazy, though, is it tends to pretty much force everything else to the back burner. If you’re me … Read the rest

  • In which life happens and leaves me behind. again.

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    Not for the first time and not for the last time I’ve gone a small age without actually touching this site. Fortunately this time I’m not coming back to the thing in time to deal with a potential malware infection–I don’t think. Long story short: everything is happening. And because … Read the rest

  • In which I actually learn things. Who knew?

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    This thing’s due for an update. I have a couple minutes free in class. Therefore, update. And it’s a something. Last week, I officially started what I term my geek training. 6 eternities and a forever later, I walked into the first class of a computer systems technician program at … Read the rest

  • College. Finally.


    So it’s taken approximately three quarters of forever and a small portion of eternity, but effective just as soon as the financial details are sorted, this geek goes back to school–for real, this time. I’d been doing the academic upgrading thing over at Algonquin since last year as just one … Read the rest

  • In which I try sidestepping my way into college.


    So. This thing got forgotten about again. Largely because math was killing my remaining brain cell. But math is pretty much done with now, so there can be broken. At least until I go back to procrastinating. So how’d I do with the math course overall? Well, I’m not done … Read the rest

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