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  • Take it easy for a week and it all catches up.

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    I’ve been talking off and on about doing the college thing. I even went so far as getting set up to apply. Yes, 2 months ago. Things finally got rolling on that prospect around the beginning of June–after finally, after much arm twisting, getting my transcripts back from the … Read the rest

  • I didn’t want things done the easy way anyway.


    For the better part of two weeks or so, I’ve been on a hunt for a non-painful way to get hold of my highschool transcripts so I might go back and start on the path to putting my geekness on paper in the form of an actual college-level diploma–something I … Read the rest

  • Logic goes on vacation at second career HQ. Go figure.

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    So, remember when I said I just needed to fill out some paperwork and I should be good to go? Apparently not quite. The second career program, in its infinite wisdom, has apparently decided that in order to even possibly maybe be approved for funding, you must already be enrolled … Read the rest

  • A gentle nudge to Ontario colleges.

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    College admins, take note. I’m trying, via Ontario’s second career program, to give you money. I’m actually standing here with my hand out, with untold dollars in said hand. We have just one problem. Your websites do not tell me how much of said untold dollars you want for courses … Read the rest

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